Year: 1994

Flux-Vortex Structure in Type-II Superconductors Carrying a Longitudinal Current

Phys. Rev. B Vol. 49, p. 450 (1994) (PDF)

For values of r greater than the coherence length, the axially symmetric Ginzburg-Landau equations are solved for a flux vortex carrying a longitudinal current. The field is not force-free, and it is shown that there are no regular solutions to the force-free field equations that decay exponentially with increasing penetration into a superconductor. It is also shown, in this approximation, that in the case of a vortex carrying a non-zero longitudinal current, the Ginzburg-Landau equations are equivalent to the radial pressure-balance equilibrium relation in ideal magneto-hydrodynamics. The techniques developed in this field to address stability issues can then be used to answer questions related to vortex stability.

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