Year: 1996

Force-Free Magnetic Fields: Solutions, Topology and Applications

World Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. 1996

After an introductory chapter concerned with the history of force-free magnetic fields, and the relation of such fields to hydrodynamics and astrophysics, the book examines the limits imposed by the virial theorem for finite force-free configurations. Various techniques are then used to find solutions to the field equations. The fact that the field lines corresponding to these solutions have the common feature of being “twisted”, and may be knotted, motivates a discussion of field line topology and the concept of helicity. The topics of field topology, helicity, and magnetic energy in multiply connected domains make the book of interest to a rather wide audience. Applications to solar prominence models, type-II superconductors, and force-reduced magnets are also discussed. The book contains many figures and a wealth of material not readily available elsewhere.

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Errata for Force-Free Magnetic Fields

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